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Hi, you don’t know about Chenghui School? Let me give you an introduction.
Found in 2012, Beijing Chenghui Tianwang Technology Co., Ltd, short for Chenghui School (formerly Octopus School), is specialized in training talents of UI design. After 4 years of development, we’ve established a unique and complete teaching system with rich and funny teaching content and talented teachers.
Our school has 4 majors (UI visual design, UI mobile game design, UI interaction design, UI animation effects design). We provide both full-time class to help you get a job and week-end class to improve rapidly your skills. One might have learned the doctrine earlier than the other, or might be a master in his own special field. All coming from the first-class design companies, our teachers, educated and reasonable, understand drawing as well as teaching. Therefore, our skills and overall strength could possibly be the beat in this industry.
Situated between the luxury villas, where there are singing birds in spring and gentle breezes in summer, our school has very comfortable environment. Macbooks are at your service. Administration team will help resolve your daily problems in order to make you study well and live well.
In last 4 years, our school has continued cooperation with Xiaomi, Jingdong and other companies. Plenty of talented people come out in succession. Our team members can be found in all the BAT companies, where salaries are so high that can overwhelm you.
We are currently located in Beijing. If you want to become a professional UI designer, we are your best choice.



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